Q.) How do I install my SUP Fin?

A.) Visit our Youtube video to view a step-by-step tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjyZO2sHHJY

Q.) I have a bubble on the deck of my board. How do I get rid of this?

A.) If the bubble is small, you can poke a few pin holes in the top layer of the board to release the air. Then, use surfboard wax and cover the area. If you are worried about the size of the bubble, please email pictures to info@keepersportsproducts.com for further advice. To avoid bubbles from occurring, be sure to store your board in a cool, shaded area and when on the beach, flip your board upside down so the deck is facing the sand, and better yet, throw a towel over the board.

Q.) My board is missing accessories. How do I make sure I received all of the items I was supposed to?

A.) On our home page, click the link “Retailer Exclusives” located at the top of the page. You can then select the retailer where you purchased the item from and see a list of its features. If you are still unsure, please call us 760-295-9600 or email infor@keepersportsproducts.com

Q.) How should I store my board?

A.) High temperatures, direct sunlight and your board are not friends, so be sure to store your board in a cool, dry and shaded place to prevent any fading and delamination.

Q.) I ordered my board from Amazon and it was listed as “prime”. It’s been weeks and I still haven’t received my board.

A.) Amazon handles all of their own shipping. Amazon will place an order with us and we then ship to their fulfilment centers. From there, they will fulfil any orders of an item that they receive. Unfortunately, we have no control over their inventory levels or shipment process. To find out more about your Amazon order, please call Amazon directly at 1-888-280-3321.

Q.) Where do I get a new center fin for my SUP?

A.) Fins are universal and can be purchased on Amazon by simply searching ” Replacement SUP Fin”, any fin between 8″-10″ long will work great.

Q.) Will sunscreen cause my board graphic to bleed?

A.) Over time certain sunscreen’s will have an effect on your board graphic, for the least amount of damage to your board, we recommend Coppertone brand sunscreens.

Q.) What size will my Carbon Fiber or Aluminum paddle adjust too?