CBC Category 5 Bodyboard

The Category 5 Hurricane slick bottom board is a full sized 42? board. CAT 5 reminds you of just how mighty the ocean can be!

CBC Clutch 37" Bodyboard

The slick deck and bottom on this board provides riders with their need for speed! Not only does this board provide speed, but the one-of-a-kind nose and rail finger grips ensures you’ll be able to hang on tight for the ride.

CBC Corky Bodyboard

CBC Elite Bodyboard

Elite. The name says it all. This is the first in our pro series line and it has all the bells & whistles, which means it has everything you need. A full sized 42? board with a CNC contoured deck. Thumb bulbs for gripping at the nose. Arm wells for positioning. A bat tail for better floatation. A channel bottom for tracking through the surf. A dual swivel pro-style coil leash with neoprene wrist strap for comfort. The Elite has all the features of a high end board to get you to that next level.

CBC Magnum 44" Bodyboard

If you’re all about BIG, then this is your board! Magnum 44 gives you the confidence to plow through the water like no one’s business! A wide template and plenty of length to take charge of the line-up. Contoured deck with wells and blubs for positioning and maneuverability. Channeled bottom for tracking and a Dual Swivel coil leash. Step aside, you’ve arrived!

CBC Matrix Bodyboard

This board features sweet graphics and eye-catching colors. The full sized template with an arched tail and channel bottom makes cutting through waves a breeze.

CBC Mavericks 42"