Checking in on Scott Burke Boards Team Rider Keali Hedrick

I hope you’re having a great Summer! Since a big swell decided to roll in previously this month, I waited for the right conditions that would be better for me to ride the 8’ Scott Burke board. During the swell, my dad and I decided to shortboard. Though the waves were mostly close-outs, I was able to snatch a few overhead waves. I do admit that I’m not accustomed to surfing big waves, so surfing that day gave me a good adrenaline rush. The water lately has been really warm, almost too warm :). When the waves started to calm, my brother and I climbed down the cliff that led to Turnarounds. That day, my dad decided to bring along my mom and two of his friends. Usually, when someone is watching, I tend to mess up, as well as my brother. But, me (and my brother) surprisingly, caught many waves. There were almost no people out. The sky was painted a deep orange with scattered clouds, and we were catching both rights and lefts. It was beautiful as it usually is at sunset. Each time I surf with a longboard, I always aim to better my longboard style. Specifically, I’m working on keeping up with the wave and using the full length of the board. One of my waves reminded me to lean back to stall, which I had completely forgotten. The waves were all small, but fun. I wouldn’t be able to point out a favorite wave, because they were all pretty much equally enjoyable. Wrapping the day up with a couple more good waves, and luckily no sunburns. Earlier in the month, we went snorkeling just off of Tamarack beach, when the waves were flat. We were hoping to identify areas that had a chance of having legal size fish for spearfishing. The water was warm and clear. The ideal day to go snorkeling. Putting our fins on, we set out. We saw a couple calico bass camouflaged amongst a single strip of kelp, that reached from the sea bottom to the surface. One looked larger than 14 inches, which is legal size in California. We also spotted other schools of fish, like opaleye and mullet, and of course, the eye-catching garibaldi. I also spotted a small stingray and a large halibut. My dad told me that he saw a small leopard shark, which I still haven’t seen (alive) yet. The day after, we tested our luck spearfishing. At the end of the day, we weren’t able to catch dinner, but it was still nice to get in the water and swim over the reef. Just last week, there was a non-windy, no-cloud-in-sight day. The surf was very small, which called for longboarding. Immediately, grabbing the company’s board I paddled out just South of Tamarack. The waves were so small, that attempting to shortboard was unthinkable. The blue board was the perfect board for that day. No one was around. I caught about 10 waves, almost all rights, just along the jetty. This surf session was short, but relaxing. My dad was also there to take pictures. The board smoothly pulled me into waves and worked perfectly with such small conditions. It’s nice to have another board that I can rely on, even when the waves are impossible to catch with my other boards. Until next time! Thank you so much!

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  1. Robert Reply

    As always I love reading Keali’s descriptive blogs. Being an “inlander” in Sacramento it makes me want to come visit and try out one of the Scott Burke longboards.

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