A few words from Scott Burke Board’s team rider Hana Cosby

Hi my name is Hana Cosby,

I’m in 7th grade and have been surfing for a few years. Recently I’ve become a team rider for Scott Burke Boards. I like to surf all kinds of boards but I especially like Scott Burke Boards. I like Scott Burke Boards for a lot a reasons and will share a few. First, turning on my 7’ 6” tri fin Scott Burke Board is a lot easier than other boards I’ve tried. There’s a lot more grip than other boards. The thickness and texture allows my feet to easily whip through the waves. A major plus is never needing to put wax on the board because of the built in grip.


Secondly, I like my Scott Burke Board because it is so light that I can carry it myself even to far away breaks where we walk on trails or stairs to get to. Unlike other soft or hard boards that are really heavy and can only be carried in a bag or ontop of your head if you have kid arms. Because it is light, when I’m on a wave I can turn it really easily- the grip and lightweight makes riding this board so much fun.


I feel really confident when I’m riding my Scott Burke Board because it’s so light I can try all kinds of maneuvers and tricks without worrying about hitting anybody or injuring myself because it’s so light and easy to control. Gonna go grab my board now…see you in the water!


~ Hana

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