Scott Burke Boards team rider, Jack Van Wagoner, on the SB Baja Surfboard

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a team rider for your company. It has been a great pleasure riding on your board. So far, I have been riding your 9’0” Baja longboard and have loved it! My first day out, it took me a few waves to get used to the new board, but after that, I got the hang of it pretty quickly.  I was at Terra Mar Point on a glassy, smooth, perfect day. The day was about a 2-3  foot day with long rights. A few of my friends were out there, as well as Scott Burke team Rider, Keali Hedrick. Throughout the session, I learned that the board is very stable. A stable board can be good for everyone. The board is also good for nose-riding. Nose-riding is what I love to do so this board was perfect.  On the board I was able to catch a ton of waves and out-surf most people there.

The Baja is good on slow, longboard days, and also very fun to ride in fast shorebreak waves.  I took it out one day at Tamarack at high tide so that I could ride the shorebreak. The shorebreak that day was close-out barreling… Perfect!  I would drop in, grab rail, and pull into the tube. I was also there with some of my friends. I let them try the board and they loved it. They said that it was better than any other foam board that they’ve ever ridden. Me and my friend Keegan even tandemed surfed and caught a few waves.  A few people on the beach saw how much fun we were having on it and asked us where we got it. of course I said that it was a brand called Scott Burke from Keeper Sports. I also rode the board nn a low tide Tamarack day.  When Tamarack is low tide it breaks far out and can create great A-frames. I was able to impress my friends on the board and they said that they wanted one. I even used the 9’0” board to shuttle my shortboard into the wave. I was able to jump off the longboard and transfer onto my shortboard to finish the wave. It was a space-shuttle move for sure.

The most recent time I surfed on the board was at the Left at Terra Mar. The waves were 3-4 foot lefts and were very long.  I was also out there with Scott Burke team rider,  Hana Cosby.  We were able to catch a party wave together and both get a nose ride on it. On the average wave there, you would drop in, then the section would open up to get a nose ride. After the nose ride,  you would make a cutback,  and then if you were lucky you could get another nose ride. The last month,  I have learned much about the 9’0” Baja  and I encourage everyone to try one.




Jack Van Wagoner

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