See What Scott Burke Surf’s Newest Team Rider Has To Say!

Hello. I’m Keali Hedrick.

Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have been chosen as one of Keeper Sports/California Board Company/Scott Burke Surfboards’ ambassadors. I never thought it was possible that a sponsorship would come knocking at the door. It was so unexpected and an event that I did not believe would happen at all. While talking with Ryan, the representative from Keeper Sports, I was excited to learn about the opportunity and was relieved to hear of what they expected from me. I learned about the company’s outlook on the sponsorship.  Ryan explained that the company just wanted me to go out and have fun on their boards and try to capture my surf moments on camera, to be shared with people on the internet. A little about myself so you can get to know me a tad better. I’m 13 years old and I am a student at a local school in Carlsbad. I love music, play guitar and ukulele, and participate in the school’s advanced choirs (Showstoppers and Dolce Singers). I am also a member of the Viking Surf Team, in which I compete in both longboard and shortboard and made the finals in both in my last competition. Academically, I strive to maintain my grades throughout the year. Although, I have not taken any honor classes until 8th grade, I plan to try out some honor classes in high school, as well as, Surf P.E. I enjoy playing sports such as tennis and skiing for fun. I also like fishing, whether it’s with a spear, fly fishing, or just a regular fishing rod. Anyhow, I’m just really glad for the opportunity to surf for Scott Burke Surf. Thank you!


About the board I was given to surf, I was not able to ride the cool, blue longboard the first week I received it, due to the weather, but I finally got the opportunity in one of my Viking’s Surf Team practices at Terramar Cove in Carlsbad. The waves were very small, ranging from 1-3 feet, but really fun. There were only a few people out and the waves increased in power towards the end of the session. Paddling the longboard was very easy, and it glided through the water smoothly. The first wave got me started on getting used to the board. Since the board is longer than my usual longboard, I needed a couple of waves to get used to turning the board across the face. When I finally got the hang of it, catching waves was a simple task.  Catching mostly rights, the waves were small, but had long faces that allowed me to surf almost all the way to the shore. The best wave of the day would have to be one of the set waves. I bottom turned on a right and cross-stepped toward the nose of the board. This boosted my speed and drove me down the line. The wave itself was no more than 3 ½ feet, but the fact that it was longer and steeper than any of the other waves, set it apart.  I didn’t need to wait long for another wave to come around because the waves were consistent.  I was also able to sneak just to the right of everyone else, catching waves deeper than the pack, making it around the whitewater sections and across the face. The board made it easy for me to catch a lot of waves and I didn’t have to bail for anyone since I was taking off deeper than the others. My dad also came to the practice to watch and told me afterwards that he was surprised at how many waves I caught and how well I did on the board. Nearing the end of the practice, I had to admit that I wouldn’t have caught that many waves with my regular board. The board was so much fun and I look forward to riding it again when the waves get better!

8 thoughts on “See What Scott Burke Surf’s Newest Team Rider Has To Say!

  1. Robert Reply

    Good going Keali! Very descriptive context of the board and how easily you adapted to it. I would very much like to try this longboard someday.

  2. Beth Sechler Reply

    Hi Keali! Congratulations on your new role as a representative of Scott Burke Boards! I am admiring your skill and courage from afar (Wisconsin). I look forward to hearing about your adventures on future boards and waves! Beth S (your dad’s cousin)

  3. victorti Reply

    I had a Milano that had $36,000 in repair bills over the years. If you fix every little thing and own a car for some years, it really adds up. In the 70s I worked at an “Alfa shop (that glorifies it, believe me) by the Jack in the Box in Cardiff, so this hits home for me. Lived in Carlsbad then, a lot of Alfas in North County in those days. Good luck, looks very clean. Andrew customer essay

  4. Cher Reply

    Likely to recommend the board!
    Congratulations, Keali! Very happy to hear your inspiring story, hope you continue to have fun doing what you love to do!

  5. Lindell G.Hendricks Reply

    Congrats on your new adventure. You are a very talented young lady. I am so proud and your future will be wide open to anything you want to take on in life. You are one in a million.

  6. Gutierrez Arizona Family Reply

    Great job Keali! We are your #1 fan! Keep up the good work.

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